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  Pensions: Fact & Fiction

For years Nissan has tried to convince us that our Nissan Pension Plan was equal to, or even better than the UAW negotiated auto industry pensions. Sadly, many Nissan workers believed that story only to find out that the good pensions promised by Nissan didn't measure up when it was time to retire. Let's look at the numbers:

Compare: Monthly Retirement Benefits now, with the following years of service
25 years 30 years 35 years
Nissan Technician $833/month $1,000/month $1,000/month
UAW-NUMMI (Toyota) Technician $1,081/month $1,298/month $1,514/month
UAW Difference: +$248/month
per year
per year
per year

FACT: UAW defined benefit plans provide a 30 & out benefit. Nissan doesn't. The difference can be HUGE.

Compare: Monthly benefits starting at age 25 and retiring at age 55 after 30 years of Service
UAW Big 3 Technician UAW NUMMI (Toyota) Technician Nissan Technician
Basic Benefit $1,350/month $1,298/month $1,000/month
Early Retirement Penalty $0 $0 ($280)
28% reduction
Big 3 Retirement supplement $1,250 N/a N/a
Total Monthly Benefits $2,600/month $1,298/month $720/month
Total Annual Benefits $31,200 $15,576 $8,640

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