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UAW-Ford History of Benefits / Contract Gains: 1941 - 1996

   What follows is a history of UAW-Ford bargaining agreements over a period of 54 years. While those listed are primarily hourly benefits, salary benefits have marched in lockstep (with slight variations tailored to suit the individual needs of both parties). The negotiations between the UAW and Ford Motor Company have often been long and acrimonious, but always beneficial in the long run to all Ford employees. In the history of Woodhaven Stamping Plant there have only been two strikes, in 1967 and 1976. In an industry as volatile as the automobile industry, this record speaks for itself.

  June 1941
  • Recognition
  • Seniority
  • Representation and grievance procedure
  • Union Shop
  • No discrimination
  • 20.4¢ per hour general wage increase
  • 2 hour call-in pay
  • Time and one-half after 8 hours
  • Double time for Sundays and Holidays
  • 5¢ per hour shift premium
  • Inequity wage increases
  • 2 weeks' vacation after 5 years
  • 1 weeks' vacation after 1 year
  • 4-hours call-in pay
  • 10 per hour wage increase
  • Time and one-half for holidays for 7-day workers
  • 11½¢ per hour general wage increases
  • Additional skilled wage increase
  • 6 paid holidays
  • 13¢ per hour general retroactive wage increase
  • 10¢ per hour midnight shift premium
  • 7¢ per hour afternoon shift premium
  • Improved vacation time
  • Vastly improved health, accident, sickness and hospital insurance.
  • $100 per month pension at age 65
  • Pro-rated pensions at age 60
  • Disability retirement pensions
  • Improved insurance program
  • Cost-of-living wage adjustment clause resulting in immediate 8 wage increase
  • Automatic annual 4 per hour improvement factor wage increases
  • 5 per hour bonus for workers on 7-day schedule
  • 3 weeks' vacation pay after 15 years
  • 7% premium for midnight shift
  • 5% for afternoon shift premium
  • Improved insurance program including insurance for retired workers
  • Disability retirement benefits improved
  • 19 cost-of-living transferred into base pay; Special increases for skilled workers
  • Improved pensions
  • Hospitalization insurance available to retired workers
  • Annual improvement factor increased, cost-of-living clause continued
  • Improved pension plan
  • Improved insurance program
  • Supplemental unemployment benefits
  • Annual improvement factor increased
  • Improved cost-of-living program
  • Increase for skilled workers
  • Inequity wage increased
  • Improved vacation plan
  • Improved holiday pay
  • Cost-of-living and improvement factor clauses continued
  • Jury Duty Pay
  • Improved SUB benefits
  • Midnight premium increased Saturday premium paid as such
  • Increase for skilled trades
  • 15 cost-of-living transferred into base pay
  • Separation pay
  • Improved insurance program
  • Improved retirement benefits Special early retirement with double normal benefits
  • Reporting of absences
  • Improved Apprenticeship Standards
  • Maintain annual improvement factor and cost-of-living; 12 cost-of-living transferred into base rate
  • Improved relief period and notification of overtime clauses
  • Fully paid hospital-surgical plan; one-half paid for retirees
  • Increased insurance coverage
  • Improved SUB benefits--short work week benefits--increased SUB ceiling--mail reporting procedure--separation pay increased
  • Increased jury duty pay
  • Improved pensions
  • Optional Pension Survivor's benefit
  • Pension increased for present and future retirees
  • Early retirement over 50 with 85 points
  • Temporary benefit for special early retirees increased; pension supplemental to $400 until age 65
  • Survivor benefit increased
  • Transition and bridge benefits won
  • Life insurance after age 65 increased and cost reduced
  • Life, sickness and accident insurance company-paid
  • Retiree HSM fully paid by company
  • HSM improved
  • Improvement factor increased to 2.8%
  • Cost-of-living clause continued
  • Special 2 per hour wage increase in 1966
  • Nine of 14 cost-of-living added to base pay
  • Wage inequity fund
  • 7-day operators bonus doubled
  • 2 paid holidays added
  • 40 hours paid absence allowance won
  • Full jury pay supplement
  • Paid relief time increased to 36 minutes on machine-paced jobs
  • Bereavement pay established
  • Tuition refunded up to $250
  • SUB maximum and scheduled short workweek benefit increased
  • Christmas bonus won
  • Separation pay boosted
  • 10 per hour general increase extra, 30 for skilled trades
  • Improvement factor increased to 3%
  • Cost-of-living allowance preserved
  • Inequity wage increases
  • 18 of cost-of-living added to base pay
  • Guaranteed Annual Income Credits won
  • SUB improved--ceiling abolished for almost all workers--maximum company contribution increased
  • Short workweek benefits increased, to be paid automatically
  • Improved apprentice tooling allowance
  • Better vacation provision
  • 10th paid holiday with 11th effective in early 1970
  • Outside contracting rules established
  • Committee on skilled lines of demarcation established
  • Assembly workers; relief time increased to 48 minutes
  • Better protection on production standards
  • Excuses from overtime allowed
  • Monthly pensions increased to $5.50 to $6.00 per year of service based on job classification
  • Special benefit for disability and mutually satisfactory early retirees increased
  • Pension credit provisions improved
  • Pension for already retired workers increased. Increase could be traded for survivor benefit
  • Age 65 benefit of $3 monthly to help pay for Medicare
  • Survivor benefit improved and made automatic
  • Bridge and transition benefits improved
  • Surviving spouses health insurance company-paid if worker is retired or eligible for pension
  • Group insurance improved; sick and accident benefits increased $5 weekly, October 1969
  • Life and accident insurance becomes company-paid for certain laid-off and early retiree workers
  • Layoff disability benefits won
  • Extended disability benefits won
  • Prescription drug program effective October 1, 1969
  • Uniform nationwide health benefits
  • Short-term military duty pay supplement negotiated
  • Increased moving allowance
  • Improved bereavement pay provision
  • Non-promotional job transfers allowed
  • Improved pay on 7-day operations
  • Christmas through New Year holiday period
  • Wage increase; $1.20 average over life of contract
  • "No Ceiling" C.O.L.A. (Cost-of-living)
  • Increase for retirees
  • Increase in SUB paid by company
  • 5th week of paid vacation time for employees with 20 years or more
  • Improved health benefits
  • Seven additional holidays over the life of the contract
  • C.O.L.A. formula improved
  • Christmas holiday eligibility requirements relaxed
  • Full-time Health and Safety Representative in every Local with over 1,000 members
  • Substantial wage increases. Average increase over contract will be 37 per hour
  • Five day quit notice now determined to mean 5 working days
  • 30 and out at any age
  • Benefit increases for retirees, a further $1.35 per month per year of service
  • Grievance procedure streamlined
  • Family Dental Plan achieved
  • Skilled Trades make new gains, merit spread eliminated. Right to strike over outside contractual provisions. Apprentice guidelines improved.
  • Improved medical coverage, drug abuse, alcohol program, psychiatric care
  • More time off, P.P.H. Days
  • Hearing Aid Benefits
  • Wage increases 70 per hour over contract life
  • Skilled Trades two-step wage increase, 15 more
  • Inverse seniority for layoffs
  • Dental Care Program improved
  • Full time Benefits Plan Representative
  • Disciplinary Record Use shortened to 3 years
  • Separate vacation checks
  • Shift premium applied to all holidays and paid absence allowance, vacation, etc.
  • SUB improvements
  • Retiree inflation protection
  • 24 month moratorium on out-sourcing related plant closings.
  • Guaranteed income for seniority workers
  • Profit Sharing
  • Strengthened SUB plan
  • Job training for displaced workers
  • C.O.L.A. re-aligned
  • P.P.H. days eliminated
  • Bonus Sunday payment eliminated
  • Outsourcing and future jobs...A moratorium on plant closings for contract term. Expanded procedures to prevent outsourcing; statement of intention to build small cars in U.S. $30 million for new ventures to create jobs.
  • Job Security...Commitment that no one with at least one year seniority will be laid off due to out-sourcing, new technology, negotiated productivity improvements or component production consolidation
  • Pensions...Lifetime benefit rises over 20% by $3.85 per month per year of service; 30 and Out rises over 26% to hit $1,250, increases for current retirees; early retirement now available at age 55 with 10 years' service.
  • Wages...First-year base wage increase; $2.99 of C.O.L.A "float" also folded into base rate; 21/4% lump sum bonuses in second and third years; $180 immediate special payment across the board; C.O.L.A formula protected.
  • Profit Sharing...Formula continues. 1984 payment should be 4 times greater than 1983; could generate total of $3,000 over contract term.
  • Legal Services...New plan for pre-paid personal legal service for eligible members.
  • Holidays...Three new holidays over contract term for total of 44...Martin Luther King, Jr. honored.
  • Health Care...Company demands for co-pays and deducts resisted; coverage expanded.
  • Overtime Curbs...50 per hour penalty when overtime hours exceed 5% of straight-time hours, paid to training fund; goal to reduce average weekly overtime by 2 hours to increase employment levels.
  • Guaranteed Employment numbers...Sweeping new $500 million program provides virtually complete protection of Ford workers' jobs from layoff due to almost all conditions except market-related volume declines.
  • Management Attrition...Specified numbers of jobs which otherwise could be lost due to attrition now must be filled. Guaranteed Employment Numbers could also increase.
  • Outsourcing/Insourcing...Strict new controls against outsourcing, and positive commitments for insourcing are won.
  • Economic Gains...Three percent general wage increase in first year. 3% lump-sum payments in second and third years, full C.O.L.A. protection with no diversion.
  • Pensions...Lifetime benefit rises by $4.20 in 19% per month per year of service; 30 and Out rises 241/2% to reach $1,500; increases for current retirees.
  • Profit Sharing...Significant improvements of formula will yield fairer share.
  • Overtime Penalty...Ford must pay $1.25 per hour of excess overtime into training fund.
  • Quality...UAW wins big voice in quality, from the start of manufacturing to customer satisfaction, through joint quality program.
  • Skilled Trades...More apprentices to help meet improved ratio to journeymen; new investments in die construction.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday added in third year of agreement
  • Layoffs limited to 36 weeks or life of contract
  • Increased pensions
  • Increased overtime penalties
  • Additional SUB benefits for those with less than 10 years
  • TESPHE maximum increased
  • Fitness Center Funding
  • Tuition funding increase
  • Educational leave of absence
  • No wage cut when starting on apprenticeship program
  • Retirement may be frozen after 5 years
  • Increased 30 and Out pension
  • Immediate eligibility for profit sharing
  • No penalty for union leave
  • Increased tuition assistance
  • POW/MIA flags flown
  • July 4th becomes 4-day weekend
  • Automated SUB processing
  • Wage increase plus C.O.L.A.
  • More union representation
  • Creation of Inspector-Tooling and Layout (skilled) classification
  • Better service through NESC (Now, Ford Human Resources Customer Center)

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