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From: Picciuto, Anthony (A.J.)
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 5:10 PM
Subject: RE: Attendance Tracking System - Reminder
Importance: High

Attention: All Hourly Employees


As stated in previous bulletins, it is mandatory that all hourly employees call the Attendance Tracking System (ATS) toll free number 1-866-893-0576 at least a half hour before the start of their shift (when they will be arriving late or absent for work). Calling into the ATS System will not justify your time off from work, but will allow management to properly plan/staff their lines for start-up.Effective January 9th, 2006, It will be each and ever employees responsibility to follow the ATS call-in procedures, failure to do so will result in discipline

Employees calling for FMLA time off will still be required to call the ATS system and Security at 734-671-7131 to record their absence.

Employees calling in for medical time-off will only be required to make one initial call to ATS based on their return to work (RTW) date. If the medical period exceeds the initial RTW date, another call to ATS will need to be placed to extend their RTW date. This process should be duplicated until the employee sucessfully returns to work.

Please follow the procedures below when accessing the ATS System:
  • Enter their 9 digit social security number
  • Enter their eight digit Ford Service Date (Example, July 15, 1996 would be entered as 07151996). A common error is that employees fail to enter the entire year when entering their eight digit Ford Service Date.
  • Press 1 if tardy, press 2 if absent
  • Press 1 to confirm selection, press 2 to change selection
  • If absent select one of the following reasons for absence:
    • Illness
    • Transportation Problems
    • Personal Business
    • Family Emergency
    • Inclement Weather
    • Other
  • Enter the expected return to work date using eight digits (Example, August 29, 2005 would be entered as 08292005). A common error is that employees fail to enter the entire year when entering their expected return to work date.
  • Press 1 if correct, press 2 to change information
  • Record the confirmation number issued.
If for some reason the ATS system is down, employees are to report their absence to
Plant Security at (734) 671-7131 and document the confirmation number. Calling in to
the ATS system does not approve an employee's absence; it is only a notification
procedure to assist in manpower planning. Employees are still required to clear their
unscheduled absence with their supervisor upon their return. Employees failing to
report an absence will be subject to disciplinary action.

Please feel free to contact Anthony Picciuto (SPOC) at 734-671-7383 if you have any ATS questions.

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