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WSP Conflict Policy

In the last few months, we've conducted several investigations that were based on interpersonal conflicts vs. zero tolerance. Although these situations can be extremely frustrating, we encourage you to try to resolve the conflict prior to escalating the issue to HR. When your able to solve your own conflict, you will build better relationship and create your own solution.

When an issue is investigated by HR, the resolution may not be what you anticipate. In some cases, discipline may result for both individuals. >

(Please note, cases of sexual harassment must be handled by HR and therefore, need to be reported to HR in a timely manner)

Here are a few examples of interpersonal conflict:
  • An argument over who has responsibility over an issue
  • An employee who doesn't address situations with you
  • An employee who does not provide information to you
  • An employee who acts unprofessionally towards you
In order to assist you in resolving conflict, here's a few suggestions:
  • Develop a Mutual Understanding - See the issue from the other person's perspective
  • Be straight, be honest, be professional about your needs, thoughts, and feelings
  • Validate other’s positions. Try to understand others’ points of view even when they differ from you own
  • Negotiate. Attack problems, not each other. Set a future date to evaluate the situation and any solutions
  • Use “I” statements to own and express your thoughts/feelings
  • When possible, state issues positively. Instead of detailing why you can’t do what someone asks of you, state what you’re willing to do
  • Resolve it the day it happens
  • Look for common ground - what are the things that you both want
  • Brainstorm several possible solutions jointly
  • Focus on the bigger picture - what is the real impact of the issue
  • Don't accuse the other person
  • Treat the other person with respect including no yelling, no name calling, no swearing 
  • There isn't always a right answer- we often see and remember things differently
  • Done correctly, resolution don't have to yield a loser - in fact, we should always strive for win/win outcomes
  • Value other feelings and ideas -everyone should have a chance to voice their side
  • Ask an impartial mediator such as a supervisor or union representative to assist

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