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We must demand input in regards to the level of quality of parts received from outside vendors.

   Now let's examine the last part of the statement, "Don't Pass It On!" They talk about Hi-Life and FPA Checks, Green Racks and Containment. This sounds great, but we all know what happens when customer volume goes up. We will never maintain a higher level of Quality here at Woodhaven as long as the level of quality is driven by our customer demand instead of quality being Job #1.

   As brothers and sisters of Local 387 we must be able to hold our heads high, look each other in the face and say, "We are doing our part!" Yes, there is always more each of us can do as a member of this great local. This is our livelihood; we cannot look back on the past, for this is our future.

   Regardless of your seniority, we as a membership need to hold ourselves to a higher level, use the policies provided to us to ensure our job security, and do whatever is necessary to make W.S.P. the place you can be proud to say "I work at Woodhaven."




The officers of the local are requesting that members of  U.A.W. Local 387 submit a viable email address to be used for regular notifications, emergency notifications, and for the receipt of an email copy of the local newspaper upon request. Please send your requests to:


(PS: Recent editions of the online version of the local paper have been pre-press versions of the paper due to deadline constraints and vast quantity of retirement pictures in the files)


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