Retiree Information

Paul Mallory (ITTO) on the 1st shift in Dept. 0250 has retired with 39.6 years of seniority. Paul and his wife, Virginia have two children. His hobby is gardening.

Retiree Information
Mary Laflore (Tow Truck) on the 2nd shift has retired with 30 years of seniority. She was born in North Carolina and now lives in Detroit with her husband, Frank. They have five children and eight grandchildren.

Retiree Information
Michael Waddy (ITTO) on the 1st has retired with 34.3 years of seniority. Michael and his wife, Debi have four children and one grandchild.  His hobbies are fishing, hunting and driving his motor home. Future Plans: Enjoy life to the fullest and travel with his family in his motor home. Special note: Thanks to Ford and the UAW for an extremely good living they have provided for me and good bye to all my friends I have made over the years. Good Luck!

Retiree Information
Larry Miller (Die Tryout Leader) on the 2nd shift in Dept 0400 has retired with 40.3 years of seniority. Larry and his wife, Cynthia have two children. His hobby is golf. Future plans are to enjoy life. Special note: Itís been a long journey, but all journeys end. So remember-never smarten up a chump and never give a sucker an even break-TA TA.

Retiree Information
Joseph (Scratch) Cadez (Special Build) on the 1st shift in Dept. 0980 has retired with 35.1 years of seniority. Scratch and his wife, Claudia have one daughter, Lauren. His interests are his family and friends. Special Note: I would like to thank Ford Motor Company for a good living and all the friends Iíve met along the way. Remember BUY WHAT YOU BUILD your future depends on it.

 Retiree Information
Dennis (Denny) Young (Special Build) on the 1st shift in Dept. 0980 has retired with 37.1 years of seniority. Denny and his wife, Paula have two children and two grandchildren. His hobbies and interests are camping and hunting. His future plans are to travel with his wife and grandkids Chris and Karissa. Special Note: Goodbye to all of the nice people at Woodhaven. Thanks to the Union and Ford for everything.

Retiree Information
Paul Stevens (Tool and Die) on the 3rd shift has retired with 35 years of seniority. Paul and his wife Debra have two children and five grandchildren.

"Gym Shorts" from the Fitness Center

 Recently two new drinks have hit the market, Enviga and Celsius. Both are green tea drinks claiming to burn calories and boost your metabolism. Is this all hype? For the most part, yes. These drinks contain caffeine and an antioxidant called ECGC. Together these ingredients are supposed to increase your metabolism. Although caffeine is a stimulant and together with ECGC will increase your metabolism, it is only slightly and not enough to see a weight reduction.

Celsius claims a 12 ounce can burns up to 75 calories for 4 hours. Enviga claims 3 cans a day can burn 60-100 calories.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is a nonprofit consumer watchdog group. They have filed a lawsuit against Enviga, calling the statements fraudulent.

These green tea drinks have some nutritional value because of the antioxidants, but don't expect miracles from a can. You still need to exercise and eat a balanced diet to lose weight. These drinks may give you a boost of energy to help you through a workout, similar to all of the other energy drinks on the market.

By: Rachel Donoghue
Fitness Coordinator

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